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DTI announces limited price adjustments in the SRP bulletin

Philippines , 17 January 2024

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has completed the assessment and validation of notifications for price adjustments filed by certain manufacturers in the Coffee and Salt categories of the basic necessities with suggested retail prices (SRPs). Price adjustments have been approved for 3 of 13 stock-keeping units (SKUs) of coffee and 6 of 19 SKUs of salt.  

For coffee, the 3 SKUs with price adjustments are characterized by weight reduction, accompanied by either a decrease in price or no change in price. One additional SKU is currently under ongoing assessment. The prices of the remaining 9 SKUs of coffee have not increased, with no notifications for price adjustments filed. 

For salt, the average price increase of the 6 SKUs is 8%. 

The SRP Bulletin on the DTI website as of 12 January 2024 reflects the above updates. Currently, there are 54 notifications received by DTI that are still undergoing assessment. 

“We are actively discussing with manufacturers regarding the pending price adjustment notifications for the 54 SKUs. Note that 154 or 71% of the 217 SKUs listed in the SRP Bulletin are not notified of price adjustments, and their prices will remain unchanged. Our consumers have the power of choice,” Secretary Fred Pascual emphasized. 

Consumers are urged to report retailers, distributors, and manufacturers that sell basic necessities and prime commodities above their SRPs. Reports can be made via the One-DTI (1-384) Hotline or ConsumerCare@dti.gov.ph.♦