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The principal law for consumer protection is the Consumer Protection Act 1979 (CPA) with the last amendment on 2019. Other laws that are most relevant to consumer protection in Thailand include:

  • The Direct Sales and Direct Marketing Act 2002 with the updated in 2019
  • The Thai Product Liability Act 2008
  • The Consumer Case Procedure Act 2008 and;
  • The Establishment of Consumer Organization Council Act 2019

The Consumer Protection Act B.E. 2522 stipulates the establishment of the Consumer Protection Board, and Ad Hoc Committees comprising of the Committee on Advertisement and the Committee on labels. The Act also stipulates for the establishment of the Office of the Consumer Protection Board (OCPB) to address consumer complaints and provide the necessary redress. The OCPB was established on 2nd July 1979.

The Prime Minister is the Chairman of the OCBP and the Office of the Prime Minister supervises the work of the OCPB which also ease coordination work with other authorities in relation to consumer protection.