ASEAN-Australia Development Cooperation Program (AADCP) Phase II

The ASEAN-Australia Development Cooperation Program Phase II (AADCP II) ( is a long term partnership program between Australia and ASEAN to help the move towards the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) and the realisation of its Post-2015 Vision. The program aims to:
            • Develop a better knowledge and evidence base for regional policy making for the AEC;
            • Support development of norms and standards in the new AEC;
            • Help socialise concepts, benefits and opportunities involved in the AEC; and
            • Assist the ASEAN Secretariat to improve its capacity and capability to facilitate the establishment of the AEC and its Post-2015 Vision.
AADCP II helps strengthen consumer protection in ASEAN by providing policy makers with evidence-based policy guidance and action plans, developing capacity building tools for consumer protection officials, as well as promoting dialogue amongst consumer protection stakeholders and advocates.